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Fuzzy and Fabulous

Fuzzy and Fabulous


If you're like me, your Tuesday nights have been consumed by one name: Chanel. Chanel Oberlin, that is. Co-President of Kappa Kappa Tau and wicked Queen Bee of Ryan Murphy's hit TV show, Scream Queens, Chanel's style includes enough feathers and sparkle to put a Las Vegas show girl to shame.  

After watching a few episodes there are two things that are very obvious about Chanel.

One: No one can sling words quite like Chanel.

Two: Her sass doesn't even compare to her panache.

One of Chanel's fashion staples is fur, usually in a bright color or pattern. Thanks to Emma Roberts' hilarious portrayal of the world's meanest sorority sister, brands like Zara, Forever 21 and Topshop have filled their racks with a variety of fun, furry pieces. 

I picked up one of my own just in time for a winter photo session with Victoria West Photography and Shaun Turley Photography outside of the EMP. With all eyes on my Forever 21 jacket, I decided to keep the rest of my look simple. You can pick up my high waisted skinny jeans for just $17.90! To give myself a hint of the Chanel sparkle, I wore a
Crystal Collar Necklace from my latest Rocksbox. (Blog post coming soon!) The necklace was the perfect addition to my plain black shirt. All of these pieces add up to an easy and fun look that you can wear from day to night!

See some of the great photos they took below and visit Victoria and Shaun sites to see more of their work.

12362863_10153734172783890_470061020857460214_o (2).jpg

While no one can ever outdo Chanel Oberlin, it's sure fun to try. 

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