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Making the cut: The LOB

Making the cut: The LOB

It's no surprise that as the temperature warms up, many of us are looking to switch up our hairstyle for summer. This year, the hottest haircut is the LOB (Long Bob). To get this look, the classic bob has been updated to feature lots of layers, texture and even touches of color. The great thing about this cut is it looks good on pretty much every face shape and for most hair types. 

I recently said goodbye to my long locks and added a darker LOB to my summer look, but not before doing some MAJOR research. So I decided to compile all of the must-know information you may want before braving the salon snip! 


First: Do your research.

If you do a simple Google or Pinterest search, you'll find hundreds of example LOBs, but knowing which style would look best on you takes some more digging. I based my LOB style off of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's latest look. Seen here: 

This cut is great for me because I have super thick hair and if thick hair is cut too short, it has a tendency to poof out. #Yikes! Having longer layers helps the hair lay more naturally and the texture adds shape while taking away bulk.

For those of you with thin hair, focus on having softer layers rather than thicker ones like in Rosie's cut. Your stylist should leave the bottom of your cut blunt and then work on adding texture to the top layer. The lovely January Jones makes a perfect example: 

Second: Prepare Yourself Beforehand

Once you've found a style you like and have a few photos to show a stylist, it's preparation time. One of the biggest reasons people are hesitant to change their style is they're worried it won't look good. But I've found that the best way to avoid hating your new look is to be wholeheartedly prepared for the change. In the Spring of 2014, I cut more than six inches off of my hair and I regretted it immediately. I spent the next week throwing a pity party for myself and my new do. So this year, now that I'm another year wiser, I gave myself almost two full weeks to prep for my upcoming LOB. Here's how I avoided hair cutter's remorse: 

  • Take the time to enjoy your hair! In the last week before my hair cut, I told myself to take advantage of my long hair every single day. I wore it up in my favorite braid styles, curled it just for the fun of it and enjoyed a messy top-knot, because I knew my hair wouldn't be long enough to do those look for months. This almost acted as a farewell celebration. Additionally, doing all of this work on my hair helped me look forward to easier and faster styling on short hair! 
  • Visualize losing your hair. Not all of it! But imagining a few inches of your hair scattered around you makes it a lot easier not to panic when those visions become reality. Thanks to my preparation, I was completely fine when my stylist grabbed a handful of my hair and chopped the bottom three inches off. Had she done that when I cut my hair in 2014, I may have had a severe panic attack right then and there. 

 Third: Give yourself some time

Last year after I finished throwing myself a pity party, I started appreciating the compliments on my new do and eventually I loved my short hair! Even with the tips above, there is a chance you may hate your LOB as soon as you leave the salon. And if you find yourself at that point, remember one thing: learning how to style new hair TAKES TIME! My stylist said that you should give yourself a minimum of two weeks before cursing the beauty gods for giving you a cut you don't like. In those two weeks not only will your hair grow (at least a little bit) but you'll also have time to understand your cut better. By then you'll have figured out how it lays naturally and should have practiced styling it a few times. The key to loving your new look is learning how to rock it! 

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