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White Hot Summer


Throughout history, the color white has played roles large and small in style. And yet, many women avoid wearing it for months at a time, and no one really seems to know why. According to TIME, one theory on the "No White After Labor Day" rule is that it began as a way to be more practical. In the summer months, women would wear white to avoid the heat and sweating. When "facing, say, heavy fall rain, they might not have been inclined to risk sullying white ensembles with mud— and that sensibility was reflected in the glossy pages of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, which set the tone for the country." The Boston Globe says this trend could have gained popularity after the wealthy established a seasonal uniform. "When the wealthy left the city for the summer...white was what they wore while on holiday, at their seaside, while dark colors were reserved for getting back to business. That marked anyone wearing white after Labor Day as a rube." (Rube: a country bumpkin)

I, personally, enjoy wearing white all year long! My style is built around a lot of basic pieces and, more often than not, those pieces are either black or white. I also live in a town where most of the population would rather spend a long weekend hiking The Cascades than in The Hamptons, so fashion rules of yore are seen more of a suggestion than law.

White is a bold summer color that also looks effortlessly elegant . And celebrities have taken notice. 

I was lucky enough to work with local photographer, Victoria West, to put together a crisp, white, summer look! Check out some of the great photos she snapped of me in Seattle on Saturday, June 13th.

I'm obsessed with my white Haper Ultra Skinny Jeans! They go with almost anything and they stretch just enough to fit comfortably all day. From there, I found this loose-knit sweater at Old Navy (For $17!) and added my Quay (pronounced "key") cat-eye sunglasses as the finial piece. 

The finished look is eye-catching but also incredibly comfortable and perfect for work or weekend fun.  

This is the first post to feature Victoria West Photography but far from the last! Keep an eye out for my other summer looks: Coming soon! 

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