Lana Del Rey: The Endless Summer Tour

On Friday, May 22nd my friend Gillian and I hit the road with a singular destination: the Lana Del Rey concert in Ridgefield, Washington. It was an adventure to say the least...

We hit the road an hour earlier than originally planned, munched on terrible (but not) McDonald's fries, and avoided any road ragers. Things were off to a great start! Those things, however, took a turn about 45 minutes outside of Seattle, when we realized I'd left the tickets at home. Luckily my handsome boyfriend was home and agreed to meet us in the middle to save time (Love you!!!).

So with one catastrophe down I decided to double-check our hotel reservation, only to discover that there was NO reservation in my name. After calling numerous hotels that could have had it (Who knew there could be 3 Red Lions within 10 miles of each other?), we were in full on scrape and search-the-internet mode. 

Thankfully I found The Heathman Lodge on Expedia and booked a room immediately. The rest of the afternoon went quite smoothly. We arrived at the hotel and checked in after catching our breath, and began getting ready by listening to Lana classics like Blue Jeans and Young and Beautiful. Despite common sense and the weather report, Gill and I dressed for the occasion. My patterned jumper proved to be stylish and surprisingly warm! Gill rocked diamond-patterned lace pants and a baby blue crop top. For accessories, my go-tos were sunglasses and a berry lip, Gill's look features pieces of delicate jewelry and gold temporary tattoos. She even let me use a few, #score. 

Around 7:30, we called an uber and rode to the Sleep Country Amphitheater. Once we got there it became pretty apparent that it would be a nightmare to get out. Cars were strewn about a lot attended by high schoolers absentmindedly flirting and paying about 20% attention to their job. We found our seats and waited for the show begin.

As someone who has seen Lana Del Rey live, I was a little disappointed by the show. Courtney Love, while rocking out to songs old and new, used the time between songs to tell girls with flower crowns that they're out of style and even telling one girl who refused to take hers off to go F herself. Lana looked amazing, as always, but she didn't seem so lively compared to seeing her in the past or even Youtube videos. Gill and I had a suspicion that she was saving her voice for Sunday's Sasquatch Festival performance. But we sang along and snapped a few videos for later. Now the real fun began...

As soon as the show ended, Gill and I left the amphitheater and I called the first Uber that was available. I'm so glad that we did because, thanks to the extremely poorly planned evacuation schedule, we were stuck in amphitheater traffic for almost an hour and a half. I was so worried the night would end at 2 am, disappointed with a mediocre show and saddled with a $200 bill. However, our Uber driver, Micheal, was kind enough to stop the "ride" as soon as we got onto I-5. By some miracle, the bill was only $35! Is there a chance that we were stuck in traffic and moving so slow that the app thought we were parked? I'm not sure how it works, but I was so relieved and offered to buy the driver something for dinner. He politely declined but was excited when I promised to give him a GLOWING 5-Star driver rating. 

We ended the night with Taco Bell, TLC's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and lots of laughs. Overall, a successful night to me. 

Sidenote: In the front of the hotel there was a pond filled with beautiful Koi fish (also featured above) and how cool are these photos that Nic helped me edit?!?