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About Town: Fremont Brewing

After shared their list of the Best Patios In Seattle, Nic and I laced up our shoes and walked to their first place winner, Fremont Brewing Co. Located at 1050 North 34th Street, in the heart of Fremont, this brewing company doesn't try to win you over with razzle-dazzle. They know the beer speaks for itself. 

It was founded in 2009 with the goal to brew small-batch artisan beers with great quality, local ingredients. Those ingredients come together to create multiple year-round brews and seasonal options. You can read their beer list here. Nic likes his beer strong and usually picks an IPA over any other brew, so the The Brother Imperial IPA was love at first sip. For someone like me, who prefer lighter beers, the Fremont Summer Ale is fruity summer fave. 

But beyond the great taste, Fremont Brewing has become a local favorite because of their impact on the community and the environment. If you take a look at their community impact page, you'll see they support women in brewing, war veterans and even give away free beer. I can get down with that cause! 

I do not recommend coming to this brewery on an empty stomach, however. Since their focus is on the beer, the only food served at Fremont Brewing is (free) pretzels and ruby-red apples, which they provide to improve said beer. If you need somewhere to grab dinner beforehand, download Zomato and see all the great restaurants Fremont has to offer! 

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