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My Summer 2015 Reading List


Need a new page turner? Here's what I'll be reading this summer: 

  1. The Vacationers- Set on the Baleric island of Mallorca, this novel shows the secrets, joys, and jealousies that rise to the surface over the course of one American family’s trip. I added this book to my list because it has some good reviews and the cover immediately makes me wish I was lounging by a pool.
  2. All the Light We Cannnot See- This New York Times bestseller tells the story of a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. I, like many people, find the history surrounding WWII incredibly interesting and since this novel won the Pulitzer Prize, it was an easy addition to my list. 
  3.  The Opposite of Loneliness- The younger generations of this world are posting photos, tweeting and reblogging their digital footprint into history. But no matter how many photos we post, eventually the world will live on without us. Five days after Marina Keegan graduated magna cum laude from Yale, she died in a car accident. This book is a collection of her short stories and essays focusing on the hope, uncertainty, and possibility of her generation.
  4. Inferno- While some may not enjoy Dan Brown's writing style, I've followed his intricately-detailed stories since high school. And since his latest novel focuses on Dante's Inferno, I can't wait to see what trouble Robert Langdon gets himself into this time.
  5. And the Mountains Echoed- Much like with Inferno, I added this novel to my list because I've read everything by the author and haven't had a chance to read the latest addition. Khaled Hosseini is best known for Kite Runner and he does a great job of describing love, family and how the choices we make resonate through generations.
  6. Leave Your Mark- As someone who is interested in social media and fashion, this book is a perfect summer read for me. As their global fashion communications executive, Aliza Licht grew the @DKNYPRGirl twitter following to over 400,000 people all while being completely anonymous. Since then she has revealed her identity and put all of her social media tips and tricks in one place! 
  7. Modern Romance- One of the funniest people on TV and Twitter, Aziz Ansari, teamed up with with NYU sociologist, Eric Klinenberg, to discuss love in the digital age. Their team conducted hundreds of interviews and focus groups around the world and even created their own online research forum on Reddit. Take all that data and add Ansari's hilarious commentary, you've got a summer must-read. 

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