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The Wild Rompers

I've saved my favorite looks from my shoot with Victoria West Photography for last! 


Let the wild Rompers begin! Get it? Rompers, Rumpus? Moving on...

I've been a fan of rompers for years and I even wore a romper on my 21st birthday back in 2013. Known for their similarity to jumpers or even kid onesies, rompers are a summer essential because they give you the style of a decorative top and bottom, without needing two pieces.

According to College Fashion, rompers were popular into the 1920's, "as much for stylish young women as for children. With its one-piece design, the romper was a chic alternative to a blouse and full skirt and could be dressed up or down, depending on the fabric."


Today, rompers can be seen around the world and on the runway of some of fashion's top designers. If you own a romper, it's not hard to understand why they're so popular. The first being that they're easy. Rompers come in many different fits, prints and styles so it is easy to find a romper that is perfect for your body type and the occasion. Since I am taller than most, (around 5'9") I always choose my rompers by fit rather than by size. Making sure there is enough fabric to cover your body comfortably is the most important part of a selecting a romper. Otherwise, the bottoms may feel like they're going to split you in half! 


The second reason these garments are so popular is because they can be worn in so many different ways! Whether you're putting a cardigan over your romper to go to work or strapping on a pair of heels for a night out, one romper can change styles in minutes thanks to a few accessories or an extra layer. 

My floral romper is from Urban Outfitters and has been seen on a famous face or two. I bought it after seeing it on Pinterest Queen, Lauren Conrad. But this colorful piece has also been spotted on Jessica Simpson and made an appearance in Jessie James Decker's music video for her song "Clint Eastwood".

The black and white romper is from Forever 21 and inspired me to go for a vintage look. The red lips and polka dots brought out my inner Betty Draper and this old truck made a perfect backdrop. 


If you're in the Seattle area and are looking for photographers, check out Victoria West Photography and Shaun Turley Photo.  

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