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How We Found Our Perfect Wedding Bands

How We Found Our Perfect Wedding Bands

As you may remember from my September post, Nic and I are engaged! Now that I get to wear my beautiful engagement ring every day (thanks, babe!) it was time for us to start thinking about our wedding bands. 

I had met Blue Nile's PR Manager, Amanda, through the local fashion scene and she was kind enough to set up a meeting for us at Blue Nile Headquarters in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. With open minds and some nerves, we sat down to rows of some of Blue Nile's most popular styles.  


We asked every question that came to our minds as we tried on each unique style. Here are 3 tips we learned from Blue Nile's diamond experts:

1. Consider how the band will fit with your engagement ring - This seems like a duh, but there can be a lot of elements to your engagement ring and your band should compliment that. Personally, I was paying close attention to the small and delicate stones in my engagement ring to see how they looked next to the various bands. On their site, Blue Nile says while many women like the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, opting for a band in a style different than engagement ring is gaining popularity. 


2. For men especially, the material matters - Depending on a guy's style, there may be fewer style options for him to choose from, so your first step should be to decide what type of metal would work best for him. If he uses his hands a lot through out the day, you'll want a metal that's scratch-resistant or easy to polish. According to Blue Nile, most men turn to plain metal bands but they have a ton of subtle design options, like milgrain, to make his band something he'll be excited to wear every day. 


3. Pay attention to seasonal promotions - Blue Nile frequently gives their shoppers chances to save through sales and promos. For example, their Black Friday deals this week included 9 different ring styles, all at 50% off! When you're talking diamonds, 50% can make a huge difference! 


So what styles did we try on?


We had SO much fun spending the afternoon at Blue Nile HQ. Getting ready to find an engagement or wedding band of your own? You can shop Blue Nile online or visit their new showroom in Bellevue Square

Which style is your favorite? Any guesses on which one I picked? Stay tuned for more wedding posts coming to The Modern Mosaic! 

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