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4 90s Trends That Made A Serious Comeback In 2016

4 90s Trends That Made A Serious Comeback In 2016

Through all of the ups and downs,  there's no denying that 2016 was a year of the comebacks. TV shows like Full House and Gilmore Girls made their way back into our homes, audiences lined up to see Ghostbusters and The Jungle Book, and some beloved but somewhat-forgotten fashion trends made it back into the mainstream. I recently shot with Caitlyn Nikula Photography in Downtown Seattle to capture my favorite throwback styles from this year.


1. Velvet

From head to toe, velvet made its comeback on everything, seemingly overnight. This soft textured fabric, once seen on 1990s-It-Girls -- think Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow -- can now be found on shoes, coats, pants, and more. Beyond giving your clothes a crisp look, this fabric will last into 2017 since it comes in a wide variety of colors.


I snagged this gorgeous olive green dress from one of my favorite Seattle stores, Moorea Seal

2. Chokers

Chokers are easily my favorite fashion comeback of the year. Although we fashionistas have endured more than a few jokes (take the Patrick Star meme for example) but style wins all and chokers prevail. New York Magazine, Instyle and I agree that these taut accessories are back and better than ever. I found this sparkling beauty in Shay Mitchell's (that's Emily Fields, to my fellow Pretty Little Liars fans) Guest Bartender Collection with Baublebar.


This necklace was perfect for my cat burglar Halloween costume and my company's holiday party. (Looks like Nic and I have a go-to pose ha ha)

3. Oversized Denim Jackets 

How could I live in Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, and neglect to own an oversized jean jacket?! I found this cozy denim combo at a thrift store and it's been a great piece in this crispy transition from fall to winter.

Denim is a great fabric staple that never goes out of style. But an oversized, off-the-shoulder denim design saw a spike in popularity this year. Celebrity A-Listers like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid added denim jackets to their casual, but still insta-worthy, looks.  

4. Round Sunglasses 

Seattle may not be known for it's eternal sunshine, but my outfit never feels complete without a sharp pair of sunglasses. This year, I was surprised to discover that round sunglasses fit my face-shape well, which gives me a retro-vibe that I love. I had my heart set on Ray-Bans' black and gold version of this style, but decided to save a little dough and opted for these brown and golds instead.

McKenna Collaboration Set Two-0014.jpg

A number of my favorite trends this year hail from yester-year, and I'm excited to see more old school staples come back in 2017.  Shoulder pads and perms, perhaps?

Only the future will tell....

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