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5 Recipes to Step Up Your Grilled Cheese Game

5 Recipes to Step Up Your Grilled Cheese Game

April 12 marks National Grilled Chesse Day! As if I needed another excuse to celebrate cheese...

To celebrate, I put together five recipes that go above and beyond the classic bread and cheddar sandwich.   

Turkey Bacon and Avocado Grilled Cheese

via  Tidy Mom

The thought of bacon in a grilled cheese already had me excited to try this recipe from Tidy Mom. But with the addition of nature's best vegetable...I mean fruit... consider my taste buds sign, sealed and delivered! To get the full recipe or see more of Tidy Mom's blog, follow this link

pizza grilled Cheese

There's no debating that pizza plays as much of a part in the American diet as cheeseburgers do. So why wouldn't we want to make it in grilled cheese form? Thanks to Kirbie's Cravings, you can enjoy pepperoni, marinara sauce and cheese without having to call up your favorite (pizza) pie shop. You can find more images and the instructions to make your own pizza grilled cheese here.  

Asparagus, prosciutto and brie Grilled Cheese

Not to be outdone by bacon, this grilled cheese recipe from Heather Christo calls for delicious prosciutto cooked to a crisp. The salt from the meat is only enhanced by the warm, melted cheese and flavor-packed asparagus. The best part of this recipe? You can whip it up for (almost) any meal! Heather Christo recommends switiching it up and serving this sandwich on top of an arugula salad, cutting it in half and serving it as an appetizer, or alongside a runny poached egg for brunch. Get the full list of ingredients and steps to create this gorgeous grilled cheese here.

smoked salmon and gruyere grilled cheese

Baker By Nature author, Ashley Manila, says the two things that take this grilled cheese to the next level are the fresh dill and lemon zest. "Herbs and citrus are a great way to add a little zing and pop to meals in general, and do wonders in this grilled cheese," Manila said. However, I've got my eyes locked in on the smooth, smoked salmon. Those in the Pacific Northwest can tell you that we have some of the best fresh fish in the world. Imagining local salmon with flavorful herbs and cheese quickly put this recipe on the top of my to-do list. Check out Baker By Nature and see what else she's been cooking by following this link.

Apple And Gouda Grilled Cheese

As I become more familiar with cooking, I've learned that apples can add zest to almost any dish. So it's no surprise they make an appearance on this list. The sweet taste of the Granny Smith apple is the perfect partner for a rich Gouda. You can learn more about this crisp and cheesy delight here.

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