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Mixing Floral and Stripes: Beginners

Mixing Floral and Stripes: Beginners

I know what you're thinking...

But the art of mixing patterns is far from easy! For our first collaboration, Allison Wagner of West Coast Aesthetic and I decided to share how we mix floral and stripes in three different ways. Before we could share the looks that we created, we needed a photographer to help us capture every detail. Luckily, Kamrin Dishman Olavarria of KNDM Co used her photography skills to help bring our ideas to life. 

For our first look we both started with a statement dress. This is ideal for pattern-mixing newbies because it simplifies your whole outfit and gives you the opportunity to switch up the look with some accessories. Some tips for beginners? First, make sure the pieces your mixing include complimentary colors. For my personal style that means a lot of black. But don't be afraid to include colors that pop! You'll see an example of this in my final look. Another tip: try switching up your stripes. Throughout our looks, you'll see a variety of horizontal and vertical stripes in Allison and I's picks.   

Since I knew I wanted to separate my looks into beginner, intermediate and advanced, I started with this dress from Forever 21, shoes from Steve Madden and sunglasses from Quay Australia. I was so excited to shoot with Kamrin that I accidentally left my Fitbit on for the first few photos. (Embarrassing!)


Allison's look is also great for beginners because it includes the statement dress with a light, floral shirt - perfect for the unpredictable Seattle weather! Her outfit included a dress from Urban Outfitters, a silky top from Nordstrom, shoes by Halogen, sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack and a gold necklace from Brass Plum. While both of our looks follow the same theme (mixing floral and stripes) it's easy to differentiate our style and personalities.


 This is the first of three looks from my collaboration with Allison and Kamrin. To see the upcoming looks and all of the updates from The Modern Mosaic, make sure to "Like" TMM on Facebook!  

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