House of Style DIY Event with Seattle Goodwill


Today, it feels nearly impossible to scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing multiple How To videos. In fact, Buzzfeed targeted DIY fans with their channel Nifty, a social media-focused video brand. These videos hope to catch the eyes of Facebook users of all ages like their other channel Tasty has. "Tasty’s Facebook page has amassed nearly 48 million Facebook likes and was the No. 1 video creator on the platform in December with 1 billion views on its instructional videos," reports Digiday. As more and more people are turning to DIY to save money and create custom items, it's no surprise that fashion DIY is also on the rise.

Photo by   Elizabeth Kathryn Photography

Photo by Elizabeth Kathryn Photography

To celebrate the rise of DIY and the rebirth 90's style, Seattle Goodwill hosted a House of Style DIY fashion event. For my readers (like me) who born in the 90s or later, House of Style was a hit MTV show that premiered in 1989. It highlighted current fashion, the lives of models, and fashion industry topics like eating disorders. If you're looking for a feeling of nostalgia, you can watch a 15 minute clip below featuring Cindy Crawford, Dolce & Gabbana and Naomi Campbell. 

What made this event really unique and fun was that each of us were given a $25 Goodwill gift cards to shop the store for an item to embellish, distress, re-design or re-purpose. Also, Designer Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr. Black was there to give us inspiration and advice on making the pieces our own. I brought my fiance, Nic, along because he's an expert thrift shopper and I knew I could use his experience to find exactly what I wanted. 

Once we were given our gift cards, we spent 10 minutes perusing the store to find our pieces to DIY. We checked out at the register, re-joined the party and got to work. I have to give the photographer, Elizabeth, credit for capturing this moment perfectly. Just look at the focus on our faces!

So what did I create? A silky top with a pearl-embellished collar. While I was pretty close to permanently super gluing my fingers together, the different color and shapes of the pearls helped me upgrade what otherwise would have been a plain shirt into a flashy, fashion-forward top! I also used my gift card to buy a sleeveless fluted shift dress from WhoWhatWear. I left the register with two great items and $10 left on my gift card. 


I'll be back to spend the rest of my gift card soon, and if you're feeling inspired to create a DIY fashion statement of your own, stop by your local Goodwill to find hidden gems like these.