Summer adventures in Seattle with Whole Foods


As the weather slowly begins to warm up in the Pacific Northwest, everyone begins planning their summer excursions. We're lucky enough to live in an area with hundreds of possibilities like hiking, biking, picnics by the beach and, for those who aren't quite as adventurous, a ton of great rooftop bars.

Since Nic and both have family that live across the Puget Sound, our summer adventures usually involve a ferry or two. A few weeks ago, we hopped on the Seattle-Bremerton ferry to go camping with a few members of Nic's family and to take our engagement pictures (coming soon!). I've become accustomed to the city life, so I knew I needed to come prepared if I was going to really take advantage of the great outdoors and bring out my inner Ron Swanson.  

via Imgur

via Imgur

Before we headed out, I made sure to grab the Summer Essentials bag I received from Whole Foods. It came packed full of natural and eco-friendly products I'll need this summer. For our camping trip I made sure to grab these four essentials:


Badger Tinted Sunscreen Cream - This organic sunscreen was great for my makeup-free morning at the camp site and it's unscented formula has provided my skin with the protection it needs (SPF 30) on days where I'm simply running errands around town.   

Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray -  The days of bad smelling, harsh chemical bug spray are gone. This spray is small enough to take anywhere and it's so light, you'll forget you're wearing it at all. Badger's Shake & Spray was a MUST for our afternoons on the beach and evenings around the campfire. 

Bergamot + Lime Deodorant Stick - I've always wanted to like natural deodorants. I can feel my underarms drying out from my other sticks and I want to let my skin breathe. Not to mention, Kourtney Kardashian, the queen of natural and organic, has convinced other members of the Kardashian Klan to go the natural route.  


While other natural deodorants had something missing, this stick from Schmidt's has really won me over. My armpits stayed cool throughout the day and they smelled so close to real limes that I found myself craving a margarita. Warning: lime deodorant may lead to unplanned and tasty happy hours. 

Acure Coconut and Argan Cleansing Towelettes - When you know you'll be sleeping in a tent, it's a safe bet that you'll want something to keep your skin and face feeling fresh. The Acure towelettes not only helped keep my face clean, but they also gave my skin the moisture it needs after a day in the sun. Since our camping trip, I've been using these wipes each morning to wake my skin up and leave it looking bright. 


I wouldn't be me if I didn't bring at least a glam on the camping trip. So I grabbed my new earring from Lucia K Jewelry. I had the opportunity to meet the designer behind the brand, Kirsty, at Stylish in Seattle a few months back. She creates pieces that are great for everyday wear and customized pieces to show the ones you love that their on your mind. To see her full line visit: . Bonus: Through July 15th use the code "Modernmosaic20" to get 20% off your order!