About Town: Bok A Bok

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote an About Town post! Seattle and its surrounding cities have so many great places to visit and share, like The Pike Brewing Company and Fremont Brewing. I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of it by sharing my latest restaurant review.  

Recently, Nic and I made the trip over to West Seattle to try out Bok A Bok. Not only did we want to try Bok A Bok because they'll be catering Style Lab, but also because we realized it had been months since we had really good fried kitchen.   



Located in the heart of Seattle’s White Center neighborhood, Bok A Bok Chicken is a quick service Korean fried chicken joint on a mission to fill up your stomach and delight your tastebuds. Founded by Executive Chef Brian O’Connor and his partners Jael DeLeonardis and Alex Prindle, this restaurant provides a crispier take on traditional fried chicken batter, sealing in the juicy, natural flavors from fresh, sustainably-raised chickens. Their menu also features rice bowls, fried chicken sandwiches, and Korean-inspired sides including kim chi mac & cheese, sweet potato tater tots and sweet 'n spicy coleslaw. 


After seeing their menu online, Nic and I knew to come prepared with our internal fuel tanks on low. To fill up our empty bellies, we ordered two chicken drumsticks, six chicken strips, french fries, a homemade biscuit and an adult (aka alcoholic) slushy to share.  


The chicken was crispy beyond belief and seasoned to perfection. In between bites of hot chicken, I dipped the crinkle fries in their Bok A Bok ranch. This is by no means your everyday ranch. It was filled with spices to play off of the creamy taste of the ranch. If you're looking for a sauce with more of a kick, look no further than the four chili hot sauce. Nic is STILL raving about all of the heat and flavor they packed in it. We washed it all down with the bright orange slushy. I'm not sure what flavor it was or what kind of alcohol was in it, but I can tell you it was no joke. I was glad Nic and I decided to split it, because otherwise I might have had to worry about being sober enough to drive home. However, if you're a passenger, I suggest ordering one for yourself and leaving with a happy buzz. For those that know me, you know that I've got a constant sweet tooth and you're already expecting me to mention dessert. Bok A Bok is filled with soul and that's apparent in their homemade biscuits with spiced honey. While this is technically a side, I wouldn't mind having one with a la mode.  


As we sat to enjoy our food, Nic and I saw men, women, and families of all shapes and sizes lining up to order some fried chicken of their own. The only thing that I wish would have been available within the restaurant was wet wipes. Between the chicken, fries and biscuit, I had to do some serious finger licking. 

You can try Bok A Bok for yourself Tuesday-Sunday 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm (they're closed on Mondays) or see what they're up to on Instagram