Morning Flow with Whole Foods + Brooks

It's no secret that yoga is a great source of exercise and meditation. But did you know that practicing yoga in the morning can set the vibe for the rest of your day? According to DOYOUYOGA, a few of the many benefits that come with an early morning yoga session include better sleep habits, and better mental and physical health. After being invited to Morning Flow by Whole Foods and Brooks at the Brooks Headquarters in Fremont, I wanted to see if I'd feel these effects as well. 

The Brooks motto "Run Happy" welcomes visitors at their HQ and storefront in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. 

The Brooks motto "Run Happy" welcomes visitors at their HQ and storefront in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. 

I rolled out of bed a little earlier than usual to be sure I made it to the event before it started at 6:45. Once I passed the leafy entrance shown above, I quickly put took off my shoes, laid out my mat and prayed for the strength to not embarrass myself in front of my peers. The workout was led by VIBEBODY and it consisted of more of a yoga/cardio blend than I had expected. Rather than breathing in and out to the sound of flowing streams, I found myself stretching and jumping to the hottest beats from showstoppers like Beyonce. And I have to say, it felt great. Because let's be real, what's more motivating than Beyonce? 

With the voices of today's pop divas cheering me on, I pushed myself to move faster and stretch better than I had in years. My relationship with exercise is still in its early stages so this was a big eye opener for me. If I'm waking up early just to hang around the house, why shouldn't I be improving my health? I'm making more changes day by day, and I hope to include more morning yoga sessions in the future.  

And all of our hard work wasn't for nothing. Once we were done working up a sweat, we were treated to Ellenos Greek Yogurt and Vega protein shakes. If you start your mornings with a workout, be sure to fuel up with a good breakfast because your body will need it! After thanking the Whole Foods and Brooks teams for having me, I grabbed a Vita Coco coconut water and walked to catch my bus. Just like it's important to eat up after a workout, it's equally important to re-hydrate. Coconut water is low in calories, cholesterol free and super hydrating. 


What are your favorite post-workout snacks? With holiday parties just around the corner, I want to get better about making the time to excercise and eat right!