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How to Style A PNW-Friendly Retro Look

How to Style A PNW-Friendly Retro Look

I'm so excited to finally share this styled look with The Modern Mosaic readers! After connecting over Instagram, Caitlyn of Caitlyn Nikula Photography and I scheduled a photo session in Seattle's Volunteer Park. 


Thankfully, Caitlyn is incredibly nice and understanding because on the day of our shoot I was an hour late to meet her! Despite living less than 5 miles from the park, I got stuck in traffic, almost ran out of gas, and ended up parking on the completely wrong side of the park! She was understanding, but I was determined to nail this shoot to make up for it. And, boy, did we get some awesome photos!   

This one is probably my favorite 😍 

As soon as I arrived at the park, I strapped on my Grey City Abby boots, the necklace I received from 7 Charming Sisters and my accessories from Moorea Seal. In addition to my denim dress and long sleeve crop top from Forever21, these accessories resulted in the perfect 70s-inspired look. 


There are so many retro-inspired trends gaining popularity right now. Some of my favorites include fringe, chokers, and suede everything. Since it can quickly change from sun to rain in the Pacific Northwest, suede isn't ideal for my wardrobe, but I still found a way to style a throwback look for my Seattle style.  Whether you're heading to a concert, grabbing dinner with a friend or just want to embrace your inner Stevie Nicks, here are my tips for styling a retro look.

Embrace Accessories

The accessories really made this look. Without them, it would haven been missing the retro feel that I imagined when I ordered the dress. You can shop all of my accessories in the links below:

Beat the Heat Necklace from 7 Charming Sisters

Round Rose Gold sunglasses by Ray Bans 

Morely Hat from Moorea Seal 

Elevate Your Look

I tend to turn to flats more often than heels (mostly because of my height) but this look really called for long, free-to-roam legs. Afterall, platform shoes were all the rage in the 70's! I paired the denim frock with my Abby boots because I thought the side cutouts were perfect for a summer look and the black matched my crop top perfectly. Word on the street is that Grey City's fall line will be released soon, which means you only have a little time to grab these laced up boots before they're gone! You can see these boots and their other summer styles here.

Add a Touch of Color


The ‘Far-out’ style of the 70's would be nothing without color. Like many PNW girls, my closet consists of mostly black, so I turned to my sunnies to provide the pop of color this look needed. These rose gold beauties are reminiscent of the old days with their round shape, but the rose gold coloring feels very modern. Today, rose gold is impossible to miss on Pinterest and in retail stores around the world. If you're looking to add more color than just around your eyes, this look would have paired perfectly with a bright handbag like this red crossbody from Kate Spade.

You can check out the rest of the photos of the look from my session with Caitlyn below. 


How have you been styling your favorite retro trends?

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