Refreshing Your Home With Essential Oils from Oojra

If you haven't heard, essential oils are the thing in natural home and beauty products. There's a long list of different types of oils, each offering an organic remedy to an even longer list of problems. Want to sleep better? There's an oil for that. Trying to get rid of a nagging headache? There's another oil for that. I put the power of essential oils to the test recently, thanks to Oojra! They sent me their Thai Jasmine Bamboo Essential Oil Reed Diffuser to try out and share my experience with you.   


According to Oojra's site, their Thai Jasmine Bamboo Essential Oil set was inspired by Thai Spas. The scent is full of warm fruity undertones, combined with fresh, woody smells of the rain forest. Jasmine is known to be uplifting, romantic and happy, while the scent of bamboo is relaxing. Beyond its smell, the modern glass diffuser fit in perfectly in any room of our apartment.


My favorite thing about this specific diffuser was the control we got with the reeds. These rattan reeds create a vacuum effect to absorb the oil up into the reeds, before it evaporates into the air. After the initial soaking, they suggest flipping the reeds every few days, depending on how strong you want the scent to be within your space. The number of reeds you use can also impact the oils potency. If you want a stronger smell, you more reeds and flip every other day. 

Want to try out a diffuser of your own? You can find all of Oojra's products on their website (they sell a bundle set!) or on Amazon.