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My Foolproof Formula for Building Your Brunch Look

My Foolproof Formula for Building Your Brunch Look

If you follow along on my social channels, you know I'm no stranger to brunch. But before you can dive into the french toast, bacon and eggs, you have to leave the haven that is your warm bed and get dressed. Luckily, I dug into my years of brunch experience to devise a foolproof brunch attire formula.

Step One: A Soft T-Shirt (Sassy saying optional)


Step one: pick out a comfy tee. Easy enough. But why stop at just a plain white shirt, when you can sass it up with a saying? My Resting Brunch Face Tee from Seattle-brand, Rollick, is flowy and so incredibly soft. If you're looking for a comfortable printed tee, Rollick has punny shirts perfect for wine drinkers and pug lovers alike. 

Step Two: A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are EVERYWHERE right now, and I don't see them disappearing any time soon. And that's fine by me! They're lightweight and look great with my everyday jeans or leggings. For this shoot, I skipped my usual olive green bomber and upgraded my brunch look with the floral Ticking Time Bomber Jacket, which is also from Rollick. This silky, black bomber has become a new favorite in my closet because it's super light and fits me like a glove! 

Step Three: Pants With Some Stretch


I'm not going to get into the whole "are leggings pants?" debate, but I will say that the pants you wear to brunch should have some give to them. After all, how else are you going to have room for all of the bacon, pancakes and scrambled eggs? For my brunch photo shoot with Caitlyn Nikula Photography, I opted for my dark skinny jeans from Hudson Jeans, but leggings would have worked as well. Here's one thing you need to remember when picking out the bottom-half of your brunch attire, if your pants aren't a slim-fit, you run the risk of looking a little too cozy, like you're in sweatpants or pajamas. For a happy medium, I recommend finding a pair of joggers, like these from Topshop. 

Step Four: Athleisurely Footwear

It's no secret that Adidas' popularity has skyrocketed within the last year, especially with young women. So popular in fact that Twitter user, Meredith Faust's tweet went viral after she shared a photo depicting how big this trend has become.  But trend reports aside, I believe your feet should be comfortable and stylish for brunch. Thankfully, the rise of athleisure has given us a ton of great options! Two of my favorites are the Adidas Superstar Shoes and Nike's Juvenate Sneaker


1, 2, 3, 4, and you're done! Hopefully this easy-to-follow formula will help you get ready quickly, so you're out the door and enjoying more time with the ones you love.

Happy brunching!

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