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Donating Furniture with Dolly

Donating Furniture with Dolly

So you have a piece of furniture you want to donate, but no way to transport it. Do you post to Facebook offering up a six pack or your first born child in hopes of someone letting you borrow their truck? Now you can skip the bargaining and move your items without breaking a sweat thanks to Dolly. Available in Seattle, Chicago, Denver and San Diego, Dolly brings the truck and muscle, when and wherever you need it. Their website and app connect people who need something moved to local truck owners who do all of the loading, lifting, and hauling. I had used their service previously, I reached out to them about using their services to donate a bookcase and share my experience with you.

All photos courtesy of Dolly

All photos courtesy of Dolly

I scheduled my appointment through Dolly's website but you can also book through their app! Simply tell them where what needs to be picked up, where it needs to be picked up and where it needs to be dropped off, and you can pick a day and time period that fits your schedule. Their services include moving furniture, donating large items, pickups from stores like Home Depot, Crate & Barrel or Craigslist, and general labor like moving exercise equipment. Save your knees and back by letting Dolly's pros do the work for you. 

I owned this bookcase through college and the first two years of Nic and I living together. But with new furniture, it was obvious which piece didn't belong. Rather than hauling it to the dumpster, we decided to donate it to the Goodwill Flagship in the International District. I broke down the simplicity of using Dolly into four steps. 

1. Prepare the item to be moved 


For me, that meant taking all of my books out of the case. For you, that might mean securing any drawers, cleaning under the cushions or clearing the space around it. Nic and I already have another bookcase housing a majority of our books, so this only took me a few minutes. 

2. Meet your helper


My helper, David, arrived right on time and took a quick look at my donation item.

3. Sit back while your item is moved 


This one is pretty self-explanatory. David showed up with moving blankets and an actual dolly ha ha.

4. Track your item to its destination 


With your smartphone, you can track your items until they're dropped off, so you stay in the know and your items get there safely. And once the delivery is complete, Dolly's system allows you to rate and tip your helper via text message. Ideal for mobile users like myself!

If you're in any of the available cities (Seattle, Denver, Chicago or San Diego), and have an item you want to donate or need help moving, vist and book your first Dolly using promo code 'MODERN10' for $10 off!

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