Adding a Bit of Seattle to Our Home

Like many folks, my home is always a work in progress. We've added two new bookshelves, a new couch, and a bar cart to our apartment just in the last few months. And when your apartment is less than 600 square feet, that feels like a lot of change! But I'm far from finished...When Nic and I moved to Seattle, our apartment was full of furniture and decor from our previous apartments. While perfectly functional, it was a mishmash of pieces that we hadn't picked and that didn't quite work together as a whole. That was until about a year ago, when we decided we wanted to make our apartment a place we were excited to come home to.

We wouldn't have space for these new pieces without getting rid of our old furniture. Thanks to Dolly for helping us do just that! 

As simple as it may be, one thing that has helped bring our bedroom design together is sticking to a color (or lack there of) scheme.  To give our bedroom a soft and romantic setting, our bedroom features black and white accents, soft lighting and cozy sheets. So when Modern Map Art reached out to me about sending me a black and white print of Seattle, my decision on where to hang it was easy. 


Our 18x24 print looks perfect above the left side of our bed! I think it makes a great addition to the rainy photograph we have above our headrest. Because who doesn't associate the city of Seattle with rain? We have broken a rain record or two this year... 



How have you been trying to improve your home this year?