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Blue Nile Summer Style Event

Blue Nile Summer Style Event

While some may think running a lifestyle blog is all parties and fun (which it pretty much is) you'll be glad to know I put in work to make it to Blue Nile's Summer Style event this past June.

All photos by Jenna Lynn Photography


Despite the recent sunny weather, the day of this rooftop party was dark and stormy. And, per usual, this made traffic verrrrry slow. But luckily my Uber driver made good conversation and the 20-minute ride was going fine. Until we hit major gridlock just a few blocks from the party! So I zipped up my leather coat (from Zara) and made a run for it.


Luckily, my long legs kicked into gear, pun intended, and I was stepping into the elevator up to the rooftop in minutes. This look wouldn't have been possible without this stunning floral jumpsuit I got from Peridot Boutique just up the hill from my home in Queen Anne! 


And boy am I glad I did! They had a gorgeous presentation of the latest jewelry trends and were kind enough to let us try them out. While we got our bling on, we could sip on wine and dry soda, strike a pose in the photo booth, and tasty treats to fuel the fun. I was especially grateful for the on site makeup artist, who was able to give my post rain-soaked face a quick touch up. But the best part...


was seeing these and many more friendly faces! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Seattle blogger community is one of the best. I've been lucky to work with the Blue Nile team before, so it was a pleasure to see them again and to shoot a few photos with the awesome Jenna Lynn. I can't wait to see what Blue Nile does next! 

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