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Our Backyard Engagement Party

Our Backyard Engagement Party

August is our last month as fiancés! As our big day approaches, it's about time I shared more of our engagement experience with you. You've already read about Nic's proposal, next up is our Engagement Party!  

All photos from this post courtesy of Joanie Reynolds


For many Seattleites, the idea of throwing a backyard party seems like mission impossible, since many of us live in apartments under 800 square feet. Luckily, my Dad and Stepmom offered to host the party in their gorgeous backyard in nearby Bremerton. This gave us the space to set up tables, tents, a bar, and a ton of tasty food. Our setup included a variety of skewered appetizers, shrimp, freshly-grilled flank steak and salmon, and seasoned potatos. 


But at party isn't a party without dessert! My Stepmom is a rockstar in the kitchen and, with the help of my brother, Jon, they whipped up all of the delicious food I showed you above. My Stepmom also put her magic into blackberry jello dessert shots. While my soon-to-be sister in law made these strawberry cheesecake bites, the perfect treat for a summer evening! 


One thing that can greatly ease the host or hostess' stress levels is having a designated bartender! Our family friend, Megan, is a bartending pro and manned our bar for a majority of the evening. She even crafted a signature cocktail for the party! It was a delicious mix of vodka, blackberry liqueur, and a grilled pineapple garnish. We also served beer, wine, lemonade and ice water. 


Those drinks came in handy later on in the night when my Dad gave a sweet toast. 


Beyond filling people's stomachs and pouring them a drink, we set the mood with soft lighting, fresh flowers, and great conversation. For those in the area, you probably already know Pike Place Market is a great place to buy all of your party flowers. I got 5 bouquets to fill all of our tables for just over $100. Such a great deal! And these outdoor lights perfectly lit up the backyard once the sun went down.   


While I may make throwing a backyard shindig sound like a breeze, it truly wouldn't have been possible without my Dad and Stepmom. They put a lot of blood, sweat, but thankfully no tears, into making this party great and Nic and I will remember this party forever. 

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