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Building a Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

Building a Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

It's no secret that I love clothes. For years I've spent morning after morning digging through my clothes in hopes of throwing together an acceptable outfit. I spent hours sifting through my closet, my dresser and piles of clothes on the floor. Luckily, Rachel Corwin of Spruce with Rachel reached out to me about organizing my small space and creating a capsule wardrobe back in July, 2016. You can watch a video showing the entire process below and see the five steps you should follow to clean out and organize your closet! 

1. Clear Out Everything 

The first step of the entire process is to get every piece of clothing out of the closet. If you're like me, some of the pieces in the very back haven't seen daylight in weeks and they're likely to stay there if you don't take the time to review and organize your space regularly. 

2. Clean the Space

As I mentioned in step one, it's probably been a long time (most likely since you moved in) since your closet was down to its bare bones. Now that it's completely empty, it's the perfect time to clean! Vacuum away any dust or dirt that may have settled so you and your clothes are living in a clean and healthy space.  

3. Sort Into Categories 

During my sprucing session with Rachel, we separated my clothes into eight categories; dresses, coats, sweaters, blouses, shorts, pants, athletic wear and shoes. However, it doesn't matter how many categories you have because, depending on the amount of clothes and your personal style, you may have a ton of categories to choose from. Just be sure to sort your items into the categories that make the most sense for you, because it will majorly help once you move on to the next step. 

4. Edit Each Category

Now the difficult part - deciding what to get rid of! This, for me, has always been the biggest  and most challenging part of organizing my closet. Despite not wearing something in the past six months or longer, I felt like I was betraying my clothes. When we reached this step I was expecting Rachel to turn into Stacy London (of What Not to Wear) and tell me to throw everything away. But she understood that pieces could have sentimental value and she let me take my time when deciding whether or not to keep something. We ended up with about 15 clothing items to donate, along with a bunch of mismatched, plastic hangers that I was happy to get rid of! 

5. Organize

Once you've tried on or inspected all of your categories, it's time to put them all away! Some of Rachel's tips for doing this correctly? Make sure your items and hangers are all facing the same direction, hang clothes in category groups so they're easy to navigate and don't forget to give your shoes some love by including them in the organizing as well. Since we organized my closet in the peak of summer (literally, I think we filmed on the hottest day of the summer) we decided to create a capsule wardrobe on my extra hanging rack. 

But what is a capsule wardrobe?

The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to streamline your closet with quality pieces that can be worn often and interchangeably, helping you save money, closet space, and time. Rather than looking through every clothing item you own, capsule wardrobes separate your clothes into seasons, making it easy to find and throw on your #OOTD (outfit of the day) everyday. This type of organization became popular in the United States after designer Donna Karan debuted her “Seven Easy Pieces” collection in the 1980s. To finish the summer season, I put my tank tops, crop tops, dresses, skirts and any other items I couldn't wear in the winter onto my hanging rack, putting them in view and within reach. With all of my sweaters and heavy clothing in my closet, I spent less time in the morning searching and more time sleeping in. Which, let's be real, was so worth the work!

Want to see how I updated my wardrobe for winter? Stay tuned to for a follow-up post coming soon!    



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